Develop Your Marketing is a software development agency run by Keith Perhac.

Their primary focus is software development as a means to

optimize sales funnels for online businesses


Keith’s struggle to find a reliable designer:

For years, Keith struggled with unreliable designers. His teams core competencies are software development and funnel management, but design is an essential part of delivering those offerings.

Before working with CreateApe, Keith often had to make apologies to clients when his contract designers missed deadlines or when the quality of work delivered was sub par. The lack of a reliable designer on the team was hurting the quality of Keith’s service to his end clients.


How CreateApe fixed that problem:

Keith was at first reluctant to make any large commitments to CreateApe since he had been burned by other designers in the past. After a few test projects, he began to see just how reliable and different CreateApe was.

At that point Keith dove in and signed CreateApe onto an ongoing monthly retainer to support his agency in all of their design needs.

“Before working with CreateApe, I thought it was a given that our designers would miss deadlines. I’ve worked with scores of designers in the past, and few have the attention to detail combined with a dogged resolve to MEET DEADLINES that makes working with CreateApe a joy. Not only are their designs well crafted, they have a unique ability to determine what aspects of a design the client values the most, and produce wireframes and visuals that clients always love.”

– Keith Perhac


This impacted Keith’s business in several ways:



Keith no longer had to make apologies to clients when his designers missed deadlines. He knew that when CreateApe made a promise, they would follow through.




The turnaround times that the CreateApe team are able to produce have enhanced the overall speed at which Keith’s team can deliver their services.



Quality of Work

Previously, Keith’s designers were producing design work that was focused 100% on conversions. These pages often looked like your typical internet marketer sales pages.

CreateApe was able to bring a fresh perspective that focused on clean design and conversion at the same time. This helps Keith market his services in a better way.



UX Expertise

In addition to delivering quality design work to Keith’s team, CreateApe has also been able to provide expertise and consulting from a UX perspective that helps Keith’s team deliver better services to their clients.



Client Facing Interaction

At times, the CreateApe team has hopped on calls on behalf of Keith’s team to interface directly with the client about the design side of projects.


“The key to a great designer is not being able to make a single masterpiece, but
to continually produce amazing content, that the clients are happy with, and are
delivered on time. In all ways, I find CreateApe to be an incredible design team
and I recommend them highly to anyone looking to build something amazing.”

– J- Keith Perhac