Green Demolitions is an online company
with two brands under one umbrella: and


Before working with CreateApe, Green Demolitions was with a larger agency. This agency had a large number of clients and Green Demolition’s was just one of many. This meant Green Demolitions never got real focus or attention from their agency.

The previous agency would just do the design work asked of them and never invested time into learning or understanding Green Demolition’s business.

In addition, their previous agency would often turn down many small or quick turnaround projects that were crucial to Green Demolition’s success.


How CreateApe fixed their
design problems

and doubled Green Demolition’s business

When Green Demolitions signed with CreateApe, they immediately saw focus and attention from the CreateApe team. Projects were turned around faster and with better quality than ever before.

In addition, CreateApe invested time into learning and understanding Green Demolition’s business and their ambitions. This would then translate into consultations that helped advise Green Demolitions on the best path forward for their online business.

CreateApe has become not just an agency, but an integral part of the Green Demolitions team!

“Before it was a nightmare, and now it is like a breath of fresh air.”


CreateApe worked on nearly every aspect of the
Green Demolition’s business

some notable projects include:


  • Redesign of
  • Redesign of
  • Email Design
  • Banner Ads
  • Sales & Promotions
  • Branding
  • Presentations
  • Print Collateral
  • Magazine Ads
  • Web Advertising
  • Social Media Design and Marketing
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Email Signatures
  • T­Shirt Designs
  • Collaborating with other print and marketing vendors
  • And more…


How we helped double Green Demolition’s business

When working with Green Demolitions, we are not just a design team. We
are consultants who are helping Green Demolitions navigate the web.

We are acting as if we are part of their team and helping them make
decisions to grow their business.



30,000+ hits per month

When we started working with Green Demolitions, their website had 8,000 hits per month. Now that has grown to over 30,000 hits per month.


Donations have over doubled

Donations on have over doubled in donations  since we started working together.


E-mail open rates

Open rates on emails have steadily raised over time


+13,000 Facebook Fans

+5,000 Facebook Fans on Green Demolitions and +8,000 Facebook Fans on Renovation Angel


How we continue to help
Green Demolitions grow

Our initial engagement with Green Demolitions was a simple retainer for basic design needs. Over time, their needs grew and we raised that retainer to help them in a larger capacity.

Over the coming months, Green Demolitions is moving their web presence from a lead generation platform to a full eCommerce solution and we will be guiding them through this entire process.

Green Demolitions is an example of our ideal client. A company who we can help grow and become an integral part of their team.