What does Apple do better than all smartphone manufacturers?

What’s the hidden driving force in making Formula One cars? Why do some structures take longer than usual to finish?

It all has to do with better design. At Create Ape, we make sure that everything that’s good about your brand isn’t buried under “ug-sthetics” (ugly aesthetics). We put forth your greatest benefit as our primary objective in web design. No business has to suffer because of a badly made website, and so far, none of our clients have complained.

Looking at our body of work, you can see that we’ve worked for some of the biggest companies. We delivered that x-factor that made their websites work. It differs from client to client, and we pinpoint that design sweet spot for the best possible result. If you’re looking for professional web design and development for your business in Newport Beach, Irvine, or other areas in Orange County, come to us.

Grooming Your Website

When apes groom each other, they remove things that make life uncomfortable. That’s what we plan to do for your website. If it’s underperforming, something’s off. Something in the UI (user interface) or UX (user experience) is likely out of place, or there’s a design that doesn’t belong there.

When Create Ape comes in, we polish that imperfection and make sure your customers have a reason to stay on your website. Rather than create, our team develop a strategy for you. After all, creating a unique presence, customizing functions and optimization don’t happen in a snap. But rest assured that the ‘apes’ have one goal in mind, and that’s to bring a revolutionizing difference to your website.

We’re tempted to call our creations works of art, but we won’t. That’s because these aren’t things you just look at; they are functional web pages. Your customers will navigate easily and find the transaction point when necessary. Don’t worry, we’re flexible. We’ll tailor our approach based on your needs.

Technical Execution

We bring visions to life, not only by coming up with the idea but by being able to execute it. That’s where our web development service comes in. This means no missed detail in rendering the design until completion.

Rest assured that the process doesn’t end there. There are reviews, testing and tweaking to do before your website goes live. Like you, we want the rollout to be a fresh start. That means no bugs, no confusions, and no missing pages. It’s a lot, but that’s to ensure that the final product reflects your mental image of your new website.

Come into the urban jungle of websites with confidence. SEO, web design or web development, our firm in Orange County has you covered.