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The Challenge

Dutchie, the ultimate point of sale system for the cannabis industry, had an existing B2B website to sell their service to vendors. However, the design was minimal and did not properly showcase their scalable solutions.

The client was already working with design company Jam3 to fix the website’s design, but they needed extra help to improve the overall user experience for customers of all sizes.

The Goal

Improve the user experience, fix the confusing website navigation, properly showcase solutions tailored to the customer’s needs.

The Solution

An updated sitemap to logically demonstrate each user’s path and optimize conversion, along with wireframes to map out the website’s content and guide Jam3 while designing the high-fidelity mockups.

Let's Get Granular

Organizing the flows

Our new sitemap broke down Dutchie’s services and flows that allowed users to self-identify their business needs (as a small, local storefront with one location or a dispensary chain).

Streamlining the navigation

To improve the navigation, we chose to make the UX more interactive and conversational. The goal was to actively direct the user to the right path instead of automatically listing each individual service.

Building the new website’s structure


Once we had a clean foundation in place, we designed wireframes to show Jam3’s design team how to structure the website’s content. The information architecture was constructed to help users find the correct path quickly and without confusion.

We also organized a component library for Jam3 to use as building blocks while finishing the design. Our design systems and components were already developed, so their team saved time and resources while completing the project.


“The team had done such an awesome job at understanding our
users and provide them with a tool they now love to use”

Ben Dordrige - VP of Product

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