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A Luxury E-Commerce Experience For Authentic Olive Oil

  • UX/UI Design

The Challenge

Before Lustful Olive approached us, all they had was a name and an idea. The founder had some branding concepts and solo market research. But before he could launch his product, he needed the works:

A responsive website, blogs, social media posts, products labels, and a more robust branding experience from head to toe. We knew he wanted it to look modern, so we took that idea and ran with it.

The Goal

Design and develop the Lustful Olive experience, showcase the product quality, frictionless checkout and account management, market the product and bring in new customers.

The Solution

A sleek E-commerce website with passionate messaging and unique purchasing features. A brand identity that conveys luxury and authenticity. A robust marketing campaign to generate excitement for the new products.

Let’s get granular

What do olive oil enthusiasts look for?

The Research

An analysis of Lustful Olive competitors helped us understand the ways other companies were selling olive oil online. We studied how they were communicating with their users, the product and content presentation, website navigation structures, and checkout flows.

The Takeaways

Pain Points

Lengthy checkout processes, poor visual hierarchy, unnecessary information, confusing navigation

User Goals

Understanding product quality and price points, learning what makes olive oil authentic, making and tracking purchases, managing payment methods

Creating a brand & website that celebrates passion


After learning about the client’s vision and customer goals, we began crafting the website to satisfy both. We structured the information architecture in a way that immediately conveys the brand identity and presents quick paths to each conversion point.

High-fidelity design

We ramped up into high-fidelity designs after we established and documented Lustful Olive’s visual style, as well as their voice and tone. Everything related to branding was complied into branded documents to ensure consistency across every corner of the website. The final product: a luxury online marketplace for authentic Italian olive oil.

I think the biggest thing that stood out to me working with CreateApe is that I could tell they were just as excited about our brand, product, and success as we were. As a founder, I can’t tell you how reassuring it was to know that I had such a solid team, guarding our backs and guiding us through the pitfalls of launching an e-commerce site.

Owner - Founder

Capturing the essence of Italy with the website design

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