We can accomplish every kind of task related to video production and editing. From realistic videos to 3D animations, we make sure that our clients can communicate effectively by creating engaging, dynamic videos.

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What is Video Production?

What is Video Production?

What is Video Production?

Since you were probably born in the 20th century or beyond, you probably know what video is. But it doesn’t just include things shot on a camera. It’s also script writing, storyboarding, music choices, animation, editing, and a final cut to put it all together.

The Value of Video

The Value of Video
It’s not enough to just design something that looks good. If it provides the user with a frustrating experience, what good is it? Users will leave with a negative opinion of your product, and you’ll lose out on conversions. Creating effective and engaging user experiences isn’t just a “nice to have”, it’s a core part of the design process.
The Value of Video

Our Video Process

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Whether you already have a script or need one created, this is our starting point. It helps us put ideas on paper as we begin to flesh out the direction the video will take.

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Storyboards help us pull together the look of what should accompany the words. Our approach is to paint a cohesive picture that the video should express to its viwers.

The first cut of the video is what we call “quick and dirty.” We’ create a rough draft of the final product that marries the copy or voiceover and the imagery, giving us a runtime estimate.

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The last step is creating a highly polished version, where transitions and animations are inserted. Boom, you have your newest viral sensation.

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Final Product