With Apria committed to serving with excellence and CreateApe committed to delivering the highest quality and conversion-centric design, this was a match made in heaven.

E-commerce Redesign

The high level goal of the project was to redesign the main e-commerce platform for Apria.com. The existing site was outdated with legacy issues both in the UX/UI and code. CreateApe worked tirelessly with a large stake holder group to create a fresh new design that focused on user experience and business goals.

Native App Design

Along with the core e-commerce design, CreateApe was also tasked with a proof of concept app design for Apria drivers. This had to be a streamlined experience that focused on speed and ease of use, while still keeping to Apria’s high benchmarks for excellence.


One of the biggest challenges was balancing the user experience of the core persona (the Apria drivers group) and the persona of an at home patient who would interact with the driver in order to make necessary purchases for their medical needs.

Keeping in mind the evolving brand experience, and focusing on creating synergy in website design, the application evolved into a unique streamlined experience that accomplished the goals of our stakeholders.

This also setup the foundation for another project that evolved during the course of the CreateApe retainer with Apria. The need for a new brand that could service patients in a unique way all from the comfort of their home: MAXREST.


The MAXREST brand needed to convey both a restful sleeping experience and Apria's sleep apnea credibility for patients. The site itself would allow users to take an at home sleep test in order to gauge their risk for sleep apnea. Evolving versions of the site would allow patients to interact with doctors in order to facilitate treatment for their sleep apnea needs.

“User feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Despite delays not of their own making, CreateApe keeps the projects moving and on budget. Expertise and meticulousness are hallmarks of their work. They also bring ideas of their own to the table that enhance the project creatively.”
- Lead Apria E-commerce Stakeholder

As is usually the case with most CreateApe clients, the core e-commerce project blossomed into other requests by the Apria marketing department. Working on conversion-centric landing pages, banner advertisements, QA, print design, and marketing support, CreateApe was up to the task of providing high quality work in an agile timeline.

Getting it Done

Aggressive timelines? Check. Multiple stakeholders? Challenging user personas? Complex brand guidelines? Offshore development team? Surprise pivots and scope creep? Even with all of that, CreateApe still was able to leverage their signature combination of design acumen and flexible project mobility. The end result was a successful project and a trusted partner relationship.

Getting it Done
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