Every day, millions of people are logging on to game servers to play multiplayer games with their peers. The competitive gaming scene is even more intense, as those users require exact data in order to streamline their game play to become the best. This is where GITGUD comes in, and where CreateApe brought its vast experience in UX/UI for reporting applications.


The key challenge for the reporting interface is to balance data and user consumption. The goal is to not overload the user but still allow them the tools to access the key learning the data provides in order to optimize their gaming experience.

Our Tasks
  • Brainstorming
  • Wireframing
  • Mockups
  • Front End Code

The challenge in dashboard design is presenting the relevant data points in way that is easy for the user to understand and cognitively consume. Data can overwhelm users and because of that, the user experience needed to be streamlined, cleaned, and be visually impactful for users who expect a more polished interface.





Aggressive timelines? Check. Multiple stakeholders? Challenging user personas? Complex brand guidelines? Offshore development team? Surprise pivots and scope creep? Even with all of that, CreateApe still was able to leverage their signature flare of design acumen and flexible project agility. The end result was a successful project and becoming a trusted partner.


Getting it Done

Think dashboards are hard to design? Try that in mobile. The mobile design for GITGUD was even more challenging with limited real estate allowed to preens the same data. The solution taken by the design team was to truncate the data where possible.

Even with truncation, there are still hurdles to overcome in the UI. Using color and iconography effectively was key to deliver a mobile experience that raised the bar for gamer reporting dashboards and the users who would use them.

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