Team Spotlight: Jungle Guide Hannah N.

June 29, 2018 - Posted by: CreateApe

This week marks the launch of a highly anticipated CreateApe campaign: Team Spotlights!!

We love our team, and think you will too. CreateApe is very honored to introduce our talented crazy little family of digital pro’s in all their quirky glory.

First up, one of our UX/UI design specialists: Hannah N.!



Meet a UX/UI Jungle Guide

Hailing from exotic Mexico, Hannah brings to CreateApe over 5+ years of award-winning design experience. Her work includes several Fortune 500 companies, including industry giants like: Disney, Unilever, and Ford. Though her degree was in Graphic Design, her passion was always in User Interface & User Experience specifically. She designs everything from websites & mobile apps to video games! Her secret super power?

Web animation

In her free time Hannah mentors design students at, and jams with her band. She is a proud geek with a great love for her 2 dogs, and very patient fiance. (Sorry for stealing all her time!)

Hannah Q&A


What do you love about CreateApe?

We have such an amazingly positive workplace culture. Everyone is incredibly friendly, helpful and ready to pitch in. We genuinely work as a team, and that kind of collaboration is priceless in the UX/UI process. We help each other to refine our craft, develop out of the box ideas, and yet stay grounded in the principles of functional design. I love being a CreateApe Jungle Guide!

What’s one weird thing about you?

I’m Mexican and I don’t like spicy food.

What’s your favorite Marvel movie?

Guardians of the Galaxy! Funniest movie in the Marvel universe. Seriously, could YOU be funnier?

How do you like your coffee?

I like my coffee like I like my pets — a latte.

How do people survive in the jungle?

If you want to survive in the jungle, you’ll need to be Dwayne Johnson (according to Jumanji).

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