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The Challenge

Owing to the unprecedented year that 2020 was, Medikeeper needed a more efficient method to track and manage employee healthcare statuses with their app.

They also wanted to evaluate and expand upon their existing website design with user-friendly modules and new features.

The Goal

Determine employees COVID-19 status, track symptoms, monitor test results, vaccination status updates, improve website and app user flows.

The Solution

A new COVID Navigator app with ample features for companies to evaluate their employees health status and determine if they’re safe to return to work.

'Let's Get Granular

Evaluating the current products & opportunities with UX Research

The Research

Medikeeper enlisted CreateApe as UX consultants to “diagnose” their existing products, conduct unmoderated testing, usability testing, and interviews.

This helped steer us in the right direction when it came time for us to simplify the UX and the UI designs.

The Takeaways

Pain Points

Confusing navigation, ambiguous questionnaires, not optimized for mobile, too many popups, lacking visual hierarchy and intuitive features, hard-to-follow wellness plans

Thorough product evaluations

We did qualitative evaluations for all of Medikeeper’s products to discover what was working and what wasn’t. We compared our findings with UX best practices to guide our design decisions for each product.

New behavior, better organization

With plenty of research under our belts, we created a new sitemap to improve the user flows of the Medikeeper products. While organizing pages and modules, we eliminated pain points in the navigation along the way.


Improving product clarity & implementing new features


One of the main issues Medikeeper was facing across their line of products was a lack of visual and content hierarchy.

We fixed this problem while planning out the information architecture for each page while wireframing, defining clear content sections, establishing headings and CTAs, and improving user flows for individual challenges.

High-fidelity design

In order to keep visuals consistent and cohesive, we documented our changes while we updated module designs so that we could apply the same tweaks to the remaining screens. This helped us stay on top of our edits and design solutions that function as one unit.


“The team had done such an awesome job at understanding our
users and provide them with a tool they now love to use”

Ben Dordrige - VP of Product

Designing a cohesive brand experience for all Medikeeper products

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